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My top 5 June gardening jobs?

Now that the sunshine is finally here, there's lots of jobs to do in the garden this month. Here's my top 5 June gardening jobs.

  1. Cut back Spring flowering perennnials

Purple Geranium flower and leaves
Geranium phaeum

Cutting back Spring flowering perennials such as Geranium phaeum now can help prolong the flowering period.

2. Deadhead roses and control aphids

Purple rambling rose with yellow centre

With the warm weather comes the dreaded green fly. Keep on top of infestations on your roses by picking off the offending insects by hand or spraying with an organic spray. The best way to control green fly long term is to introduce plants which encourage hover flies or ladybirds into the garden as they are natural predators of greenfly. This includes Fennel, Dill, Cosmos, Marigold, Geraniums and Cornflowers amongst others. Deadheading spent flowers down to the closest set of leaves will encourage additional blooms to prolong the flowering period.

3. Prune Choisya

Choisya white flowering shrubs
Choisya ternata

Pruning Choisya after flowering encourages another flush of flowers later in the season.

4. Cut back Clematis Armandii

Clematis armandii white flowers

Clematis armandii can put on a lot of growth during the Spring. Cut back this month to keep this vigorous climber within it's allotted space.

5. Keep watering

Watering can watering garden

We are inevitably going to go into drought conditions again this Summer. Keep watering your plants, ideally early in the morning. Pay particular attention to your containers which dry out quicker and ideally use recycled waste water or water butts to save on mains water.


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