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Which is best bike box for you?

I've been busy researching bike boxes for a client with an awkward shaped basement front garden and these are the best options I've found during my research.

Brighton Bike Sheds have a range of flexible options for all garden spaces and budgets. There are 3 types of bike box available (classic, slot in and vertical) in a range of different sizes, cladding types and green roofs are available. Add ons can include bin or wood storage, additional height, bay window allowance or a pitched roof. Custom made options are also available on request. Prices start at £750. Image shows a painted tongue and groove option classic box with a green roof.

This is a great budget option at £570 and good where space is limited as the doors open upwards rather than out. There are 3 colours available grey, cream and anthracite. I recommend planting behind the and to the sides of the box if possible to soften the edges.

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This is a company, local to me in E5, which offers beautiful steel boxes with integral planters. Standalone boxes for 2 bikes start at £2,200 so they are a more expensive option but can really enhance the look of a front garden. They also offer a more expensive option which can hold up to 6 bikes and can replace a front garden wall or fence. Prices start at £4,900 for this option.

I hope this article helps anyone out there looking for a great looking but practical solution to bike storage.

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