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Bringing in the colour - my E9 Contemporary Courtyard Planting Design

It's been a busy week this week, the onset of Autumn providing the perfect time to plant up designs completed earlier in the year. This week it was the turn of my E9 Contemporary Courtyard Planting Design which seeks to bring colour, movement and texture to a compact East London courtyard, with primarily dark hard landscaping.

View from the kitchen highlighting tree and yellow planters

One of the main objectives was to improve the views from the kitchen diner and slightly obscure the view into the garden room. A multi stem Amelanchier achieves this aim with it's semi transparent form and 3 seasons of interest. This is underplanted with cottage garden perennials including Nepeta 'Walkers Low' and Stachys Byzantina, white Achillea and Geum 'Totally Tangerine' with Crocus tommasinianus providing Spring colour. The sketch below illustrates how this bed will look in Summer.

Sketch of Summer season planting

The bold yellow planters from IOTA provide a welcome splash of colour and focal points from the kitchen doors and seating area, with the colour echoed in the Geums, Carex testacea and Lonicera x tellmanniana, trained along the right hand fence.

Bold leave plant in colourful planter

Wisteria in colourful planter trained up wall

The bold foliage of a Fatsia Japonica underplanted with Erigeron and Crocus provides a striking view from the kitchen, whilst a Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' will be trained above the doors and window to brighten up the extension exterior.

And just a reminder of how it looked before.

View from kitchen
Kitchen View before

I'll be back next Summer to check on the progress of the planting and see the garden in it's full bloom.


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