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East London Blossoms

The weather has been so lovely this week that I decided to get on my bike and go and explore some of the blossom out this Spring in my local area.

First stop was the London Blossom Garden in the Queen Elizabeth Park. This garden was built in Spring 2021 to commemorate London lives lost and affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and to celebrate the open spaces that became so important to many Londoners during the lock downs.

Below is an explanation of the inspiration behind the design of the garden and an artists impression of the design.

The space does have a lovely tranquil feeling to it but I was a little disappointed that there weren't more of the trees in blossom (I assume this is because some of the trees are Autumn flowering to ensure blossom all year round) and that the beds around the trees seems under utilised.

I also visited Mabley Green's edible forest which was planted with over 500 trees and landscaped to include raised areas a few year's ago. I wanted to see how the trees have established and turned what was a barren field of football pitches into an inviting community green space.

The trees, which maintained by the Mabley Green user group, looked to be thriving, making the walk through this space really enjoyable.

l look forward to seeing this space continue to thrive and attract visitors from the local community.


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