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Happy New Year 2023! My top 5 gardening jobs for January

Welcome to a new gardening year. Although it's looking pretty dark and dreary in the garden right now there are lots of jobs to be done to get it ready for the growing season. Here's my top 5 jobs for January.

  1. Winter Prune Wisteria

Prune any wispy growths back to 2/3 buds to encourage extra flowers in the Spring.

2. Winter Prune Apples & Pear Trees

Begin by removing the 3D's (dead, diseased, damaged) and then remove any crossing branches or branches growing inwards. You are aiming to create an open goblet shape to encourage flowers and fruit.

3. Keep bird baths and ponds topped up

Ensure that birds have access to drinking water during the colder months. Keep bird baths and ponds topped up and pour hot water over any frozen.

4. Remove any black leaves from Hellebores

Avoid black spot on your Hellebores by removing any affected leaves to allows buds to open.

5. Clean paving and decking

Snow, frost and rain can make patios and decking slippery at this time of the year. Whilst there is less to do with the plants, January is the perfect time to pressure wash your hard surfaces or clean with a stiff brush and water.

Enjoy January in your garden!


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