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How to create a beautiful garden from an awkward courtyard space - My E5 Courtyard Design

This week I'd like to share these fantastic images of my E5 Courtyard Garden, photographed by the very talented Ellie Walpole.

The image below perfectly illustrates the awkward angles in this small East London courtyard space. Using the geometry of the house to dictate the patio design and dissecting the space using contrasting materials (Khandler Grey sandstone and granite setts) gives structure and order to the space.

Photos by Ellie Walpole

My client primarily wanted to use their garden for relaxation and entertaining so creating a secluded space for this was key to the design. The existing Wisteria was trained across the brick wall and new fencing and along with a bespoke bench installed in the centre of the raised bed, creates a feeling of enclosure amongst the planting. A large rusted metal mirror gives the illusion of space as well as an interesting focal point from the house.

Photos by Ellie Walpole

It was also important that this is a dog friendly garden, with all the planting in raised beds or containers, including a fern filled green roof for a bbq store and wall planters containing evergreen trailing plants and grasses.

Photos by Ellie Walpole

The space is predominantly shady so a mixture of evergreen ferns, Brunnera & Japanese Anemones provide a striking contract to the silver grey paving.

Photo by Ellie Walpole

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to create this garden including Acacia Gardens for the hard landscaping and Brighton Bike Sheds for the bespoke bbq store.


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