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January jobs for the garden

Happy New Year. 2021 is here and with it a new lockdown for the UK. Don't worry - even though it's January there is still plenty to be done in the garden this month. Here's my top 5 jobs:

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree

Most local councils have recycling services for your old Christmas trees or you could have a go and cutting and chipping it yourself to provide a Winter mulch around tender plants. This year I decided to rent a tree through London Christmas Tree Rental who will deliver and collect your tree and you can even ask for the same one next year!

2. Winter prune Wisteria

This is the time of year to give your Wisteria a really good prune. Leave the short stubby flowering 'spurs' as these will produce flowers in the Spring. Cut back the longer stems with pointed leaf buds to 2 or 3 buds. This should ensure maximum Spring flowering.

3. Winter prune Apple and Pear trees

Pruning Apple and Pear trees whilst dormant will help ensure that the trees remain productive. Start by pruning out the 3 d's (dead, diseased, damaged) and then shorten the previous year's growth on each main branch by 1/3, leaving young side shoots untouched. Also remove any long shoots growing towards the centre of the tree

4. Clean your pots and tools

Winter is a great time to clean up your pots ready for planting in the Spring. Tools should be cleaned, oiled and sharpened to ensure longevity throughout the year.

5. Check Hellebores for black spot

Check your Hellebore plants for black spot and remove and dispose of any offending leaves.

I hope you can find some positivity from your gardens this month.


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