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My top 5 gardening jobs for May

May is here with it's lovely long days and bank holiday weekends. The perfect time to be outside enjoying your garden.

Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for this month to keep your garden looking great.

  1. Tie in climbers

Keep tying in climbers stems to their supports/trellis using twine to prevent breakages and encourage growth. Clematis, Wisteria, Honeysuckle and Jasmine will grow a lot this month.

2. Prune Spring flowering shrubs

Prune Spring flowering shrubs including Forsythia to encourage more flowers next year.

3. Feed your lawn (or stop mowing)

Apply a nitrogen rich Summer lawn feed to give your lawn a boost this May (or alternatively you could try 'no mow May' and see which wild flower appear in your lawn.)

4. Lift and divide congested Spring bulbs

As bulbs multiply over the year they can get very congested. Take the opportunity to create new swathes of Spring colour by lifting and dividing.

5. Support tall or flopping perennials

Provide supports for tall perennials to avoid flopping and breakages. Penstemons, Veronicastrum, Echinops and Hylotelephiums can be particularly susceptible to flopping.

Enjoy your time in the garden this May.


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