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My top 5 go-to plants

Every garden is different with soil structure and PH, aspect, location and style to consider when designing the planting but I do have a number of plants that I use again and again as I know they are great performers and have attributes that make them an essential addition to the planting.

  1. Trachelospermum jasminoides

Commonly known as evergreen (or confederate) jasmine, this climber has a lot going for it. It's evergreen, highly fragrant, tolerates most soils, sun and partial shade and will cover a fence or wall in a few years. Although slow grown to begin, once established it creates a beautiful fragrant green wall.

2. Luzula nivea

My all time favourite grass for shade, Luzula nivea is evergreen and between May - July shoots up frothy white flowers to 60cm. It loves shade and partial shade and it really easy to propagate by splitting the root ball when it becomes too large to create new plants.

3. Anemone x hybrida 'Honourine Jobert'

The best performing of the Japanese Anemones in my opinion, in London Honourine Jobert is virtually evergreen with long lasting white and yellow flowers from the end of August through to November. It doesn't like to be moved and can spread so it needs a big space to really do it justice. Great in sun or shade and likes moist soil.

4. Erigeron karvinskianus

This is a great plant for softening the edges of hard landscaping and whilst strictly deciduous I find it behaves like a semi-evergreen flowering well into the Autumn. It's a great ground cover plant which thrives in a sunny well drained position.

5. Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'

This is great evergreen Winter flowering shrub which tolerates all aspects and soils so can basically be used anywhere. Mature height and spread is 3m so prune once a year to keep it within it's space.

Look out for these plants at your garden centres and nurseries. They are easy to look after and look fabulous.

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