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New Year, New Garden 2024

Are you tired of looking at your outside space and wishing it invited views from your house during the Winter months and inticed you outside in the warmer months?

What better New Year Resolution 2024 than redesigning your garden so it fullfills the wants and needs of your and your family? A garden designer can help you to create the perfect space, by helping to identify how you would like to use your garden and assessing the pros and limitations of your current space and how best to work with them.

Here's some examples of some of the ways that I've helped by clients to acheive the garden they desire:

  1. Wildlife Friendly Gardens

Wildflowers, garden sofa on patio with trees in background
E11 Industrial Style Family Garden with wildflower lawn and espalier and crab apple trees.

One of the most common complaints I hear from potential clients is that the planting in their current garden is drab, unappealling or non existant. Plants are the life blood of any garden and it is so important for the future of our planet that we encourage as much biodiversity into our gardens as possible. My E11 Industrial Style garden shown above embraces wildlife friendly planting with a wildflower lawn, trees and pollinator-friendly herbaceous planting providing an inviting space for humans and insects.

Corten steel insect hotel within climbers
Bespoke corten steel bug hotels to encourage children into the garden

Stone bird bath within planting
Bird bath in my E8 Urban Sanctury to encourage birds into the garden

2. Front Gardens

Front gardens are so important in creating an impression of your house and are often overlooked. This E5 Family Front Garden was completely transformed, creating valuable bike and bin storage, whilst improving the kerb appeal of the house facade with beautiful custom Art Nouveau style railings, brick walls and graceful planting.

brick wall and railings with climbers tree and wooden storage
My E5 Family Front Garden is both beautiful and practical for a growing family

Victorian tiles front garden with plants and gravel
My N16 Victorian Front garden echos the architectural styling of the house

3. Dog Friendly Gardens

Often potential clients have gardens that are completely unsuitable for their pets or they are worried about plants that are poisononus. The planting in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden is not only non poisonous to dogs but also resiliant to the occasional trampling.

Back garden with lawn, grasses, shed and apple tree
All the plants in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden are non poisonous to dogs

Grey porcelain paving with raised beds and bench and pleached trees
In my N5 Secluded Family Garden raised beds and easy maintenance porcelain paving create a dog friendly space

4. Family Gardens

Family garden design has to fulfill the needs of all members of the family and seating areas for dining, relaxing or just hanging out with friends are always at the top of the priority list. My E11 Industrial Family garden designs incorporates two seating areas; on L-shaped concrete bench/planters which provides a seculded space for family dining and entertaining and a relaxation patio in the sunniest part of the garden to enjoy sunbathing or evening drinks.

Yellow garden furnture with concrete bench and geometric tiles
Flexible dining/entertaining space in my E11 Industrial Style Garden

5. Secluded Gardens

Urban gardens tend to be overlooked by neighbours or from the street. I've used pleached Carpinus (Hornbeam) trees and a feathered Betula jacquemontii (Silver Birch) to create privacy in my N5 Seculded Family Garden.

Pleached trees, raised bed bench and porcelain paving
Pleached trees created a secluded space in my N5 Secluded Family Garden

Purple beech hedge with Acer and gravel front garden
Fagus sylvatica (Purple Beech) hedge provides all year round privacy in my N12 Edwardian Front Garden

So if you have any of these issues and like my solutions, don't delay. Contact me today to arrange a consultation and you could have a new garden in 2024.

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