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Recent project update - My E5 Family Front garden - 4 months on.

I recently revisited my E5 Family Front Garden to see how the planting was settling in. Just 4 months on its really starting to establish, providing a pleasing view from both the street and the house.

East London Victorian terrace front garden with brick wall and railings
Practical and beautiful Family Front Garden

The original garden was dark and uninviting, with a large Silver Birch tree the only planting and none of the practical storage that my clients, a growing family of four needed.

Front garden with concrete wall and large Silver birch tree

My design seeks to provide the practical storage required, a four bike storage unit and a bespoke double bin store, without compromising on the planting or overall aesthetic of the garden.

Sketch up image of front garden design
3D Visualization E5 Family Front Garden

The Silver Birch tree was replaced with a more appropriately sized tree, an Amelanchier lamarckii, which provides three seasons of interest and is a great small garden tree.

New boundaries were created on all sides with planting visible from the street via a low brick wall with bespoke 'Art Nouveau' style railings and gate.

Front garden brick wall with bespoke railings and gate
Art Nouveau style railing and gate

Mint sandstone detailing was added to the path, edging, coping and pier caps and flint gravel was used to create a permeable ground cover surface.

Grass and sandstone step
Hackonechloa and Astrantia with step detail

A Wisteria has been trained around the door and bay window to provide a fragrant entrance to the house. The planting has an ethereal quality with tall, delicate herbaceous perennials in contrasting foliage colours to soften the hard landscaping.

A green roof on the bike store, and evergreen Jasmine on the railings maximize the planting within this compact space.

Flowers and foliage
Astrantia and Actaea with delicate forms

Sedum green roof
Sedum green roof on the bike store

I will be revisiting to plant Spring bulbs in the Autumn so watch this space for progress.


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