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Top 5 gardening jobs for June

June 21st marks the longest day so we're well and truly into Summer (although doesn't feel like it at the moment). June gardening jobs are all about the pruning, controlling and watering to ensure your garden looks at it's best all Summer.

Climber with white fragrant flowers
Clematis Armandii in my E10 Tall & Fragrant Garden

  1. Prune Clematis Armandii

Clematis armandii can put on an incredible amount of growth and can get to 3m - 5m. Prune back after flowering to keep within it's alloted space and remove any dead or weak stems.

Apricot and peach rambling rose growing on a fence
Rosa Ghislaine de Feligonde in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden

2. Tie in climbing or ramblining roses

Tie in long stem on roses as horizontally as possible ensuring stems are not too congested.

Varigated shrubs with dark pink flowers
Weigela in my E10 Tall & Fragrant Garden

3. Prune late Spring/early Summer shrubs

Prune shrubs such as Weigela moderately to help maintain health of plant. Established plants will respond to hard pruning if required.

4. Prune Spring flowering Shrubs

Evergreen flowering shrub with white flowers flushed pink
Choisya ternata in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden

Prune shrubs such as Choisya to encourage another bloom later in the season.

5. Water wisely

Watering can rose watering salad crops
Water wisely

Keep your plants hydrated during the warmer months but do it wisely. The RHS has some great advice on how to acheive this.

Happy Gardening!

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