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April jobs for the garden

If you're lucky enough to have a garden, roof terrace or balcony, it has become really important space for exercise, relaxation and peace of mind in these stressful times of lock down.

Here's my top 5 jobs for this Easter to keep your garden looking it's best.

1. Renovate your lawn

April is the perfect time to attend to your lawn. Give it a good cut so that you can assess any damage easily. If it is full of weeds, bare patches, moss or is on uneven ground then I would consider replacing with new turf. If the weed problem is not so bad remove with a weed tool, hand fork or spot weed spray. Scarify with a lawn rake to remove any dead thatch and tidy up the edges.

Put a layer of top soil or compost over the areas you want to reseed. Scatter grass seed over the area following the instructions on the packet for rate of application, cover with a light sprinkling of topsoil or compost and water in well. Keep off the lawn for a couple of weeks at least until the seed starts to germinate. Keep it well watered.

2. Prune Hydrangeas

Prune old stems on Hydrangeas down to a healthy shoot below to encourage flowering.

3. Renovate Ferns

Cut back old fern fronds to allow for new emerging growth

4. Aphid control

With the onset of warm weather and soft new growth on plants, now is the perfect time for an aphid infestation. Check your plants, especially Roses and Clematis for aphids and either spray with jets of water or pick off to avoid any damage to plants.

5. Prune Fig trees

Remove any branches that spoil the shape, or which are crossing or damaged, along with any suckers appearing from the ground. If needed cut back one or two branches that have become too long and bare to a 5cm (2in) stub to stimulate new growth from the base of the branch.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay home and safe this Easter.

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