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August jobs for the garden

With temperatures in the UK at an all time high and very little rainfall, particularly in the South East, August is all about keep your plants alive and healthy whilst preparing the garden for the Autumn.

  1. Water wisely

With hosepipe bans on the horizon it's really important that we water wisely to keep new and vulnerable plants hydrated whilst leaving the more drought tolerant plants to survive without the extra watering. Water early in the morning or late at night to avoid excessive evaporation and focus on the area around the plants roots rather than the leaves. Better to water thoroughly less often then a bit regularly.

2. Trim Lavender

Once Lavender has flowered cut flowering stems back to a leaf and be sure not to cut into dead wood which won't regenerate. This should help keep your shrubs compact and bushy.

3. Prune Rambling Roses

Now is the time to prune rambling roses to keep them under control and to fit their space. Prune 1/3 of stems and tie the remaining stems into a trellis.

4. Summer prune Apple trees

Apples trees which are trained into cordens, espaliers or step overs should be pruned in the Summer to allow light to reach the ripening fruit.

Cut back new shoots more than 20cm long from the main stem to 3 leaves

Cut back new shoots on side shoots to 1 leaf

Remove any upright vigorous growth completely

5. Plant Autumn bulbs

Planting Autumn bulbs now such as Nerines, Dahlias and Autumn flowering Crocuses.

Enjoy the sunshine and time in your garden this August.


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