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December Gardening Jobs

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

It's nearly Christmas but there's still a few jobs to be done in the garden this month. Check out my top 5 jobs for December.

1. Prune Acers

Prune Acers now if needed as they bleed if pruned later in the year.

2. Clear leaves from the lawn

Clear leaves to avoid them rotting onto your lawn but try not to walk on the lawn too much in wet or frosty conditions.

3. Turn compost

Turning your compost improves the air flow and spread of bacteria and speeds up the composting process. Now is a great time to do it whilst there is not too much to do with your plants.

4. Pressure wash path, patios and decking.

Winter can make stone and wood surfaces slippery so avoid potential accidents by pressure washing your paths, patio and decking. It will restore the colour and clear off any stains too.

5. Tool maintenance

December is the perfect time to give you tools some love. Clean and sharpen the blades and rub on a little oil to prevent rust. Your tools will thank you for it.

Happy Christmas and New Year. See you in 2020.

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