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Gardening Jobs for February

Traditionally the coldest month of the year, February may not be the most popular time to be out in the garden but there is lots to be done in preparation for the Spring. Here's my top 5 jobs for this month.

1. Prune Winter Flowering Jasmine

Once the flowers have faded, February is the best time to prune Jasminium nudiflorum and other Winter flowering shrubs including Mahonia and Viburnum botnatense.

2. Cut back Salix and Cornus

By cutting Salix (Willow) or Cornus (Dogwood) to 5-7.5cm from the ground now you will encourage brighter, more colourful stems to grown.

3. Cut down ornamental grasses

Now the new green leaves are starting to grow, cut the flowers stems down to the ground.

4. Divide congested perennials

Create new plants for free by lifting and dividing congested clumps of perennials

5. Cut back fast growing vines

Ensure windows, roof tiles and gutters are clear by cutting back fast growing climbers including Ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston Ivy.

Look out for signs of Spring in the garden to get you through the last of the Winter.

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