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Gardening jobs for March

Spring is here so it's time to get busy in the garden. Here's my top 5 jobs or this month.

1. Plant Summer flowering bulbs

Plant Nerines, Lillies and Crocosmia this month for a show of colour in the late Summer/Autumn

2. Cut back 1/3 of Hydrangea stems

Deadhead hydrangeas before new growth appears and cut out 1/3 of stems down to the ground

3. Prune Winter flowering Jasmine

Prune Winter flowering Jasmine down to 5cm from old wood to improve flowering for next season

4. Top dress containers with new compost

Top dress containers with a layer of fresh compost to keep plants healthy

5. Mulch around plants

Add compost, manure or bark mulch around plants to help improve the soil before Spring growth

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