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Happy 2020 - January Gardening Jobs

Happy New Year from Sarah Kay Garden Design. If your New Year's resolution is to sort out your garden this year, here's a good place to start. Every month I give my top 5 gardening jobs to ensure your garden looks as good as it can all year round.

Here's my tips for January

1. Prune Wisteria

January is the time to prune back the Summer side shoots of your Wisteria to 2/3 buds. It might look a bit harsh but you will be rewarded with blooms in late Spring

2. Remove Hellebore leaves

Removing black and damaged leaves from your Hellebores will help limit the spread of leaf spot disease.

3. Winter prune Apples and Pears

Start by removing crossing, rubbing, weak, dead, diseased, damaged and dying branches. Shorten the previous year’s growth on each main branch (primary) by about one third to a bud facing in the required direction. This will encourage the development of new branches and spurs and maintain a good shape. Leave young laterals (side-shoots) unpruned so they can develop fruit buds in the second year

4. Plant bare roots

Plant bare root roses, shrubs, hedging and trees this month unless the ground is frozen this month.

5. Tidy up perennials

Cut down old foliage on perennials like Sedum before new growth emerges

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