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July Jobs for the Garden

July in the garden is always a busy time with so many plants in growth and flower. Here's my top 5 jobs this month to keep the garden looking great.

  1. Deadhead early Summer perennials

Early Summer perennials, such as Geraniums will benefit from a cut back after the first flush of flowers. This should encourage a second flush later in the season.

2. Feed and deadhead roses

Roses are hungry plants and will appreciate some extra rose feed. Keep deadheading the spent flowers to encourage repeat blooms.

3. Top up ponds and bird baths

Water evaporates in hot weather so make sure you keep your pond and bird baths topped up.

4. Cut lavender flowers for drying

Choose newly opened flowers for the best fragrance. Cut the stems and hang upside down in a cool dark room until dried.

5. Prune Wisteria

Cut back the whippy green shoots to 5/6 leaves to encourage air flow around the plant and improved flowers next year.

Keep on top of all these jobs over the next month and remember to keep watering if dry, especially pots.


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