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New Years resolution - a new garden for 2023?

A cleverly designed garden can improve your home experience, breathing new life into a previously unused part of your living space. It can also improve well being and mental health and is beneficial for your local environment and biodiversity.

A garden designer will take the time to discuss in detail what you would like to get from your outside space and how you would like to use it. They will assess the current garden's strengths and weaknesses and create a space that works for you and your family.

Here's some examples of the types of garden I've created over the past few years:

  1. Wildlife Friendly Gardens

I've designed bug hotels to attract pollinators and educate children about them

Wildflower turf, pollinator friendly planting and espalier apple trees in my E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

Bird bath in my E8 Urban Sanctuary. Bringing water into the garden is beneficial to wildlife. Photo by Ellie Walpole.

2. Pet Friendly Gardens

My N12 Dog Friendly Garden only contains plants which are non-poisonous to dogs

Raised beds in my N5 Secluded Family Garden help protect the planting from the family dog

My client's puppy loves her new garden. Photo by Ellie Walpole

3. Front Gardens

The period styling of my N16 Victorian Front garden complements the architecture perfectly. Photo by Ellie Walpole.

The planting palette in my N12 Edwardian Garden complements the red brick frontage of the house

4. Courtyard Gardens

This compact courtyard garden was transformed by employing a 45 degree design which brings the planting into the centre of the garden and creates movement and flow. Photo by Ellie Walpole.

This awkwardly shaped E5 Courtyard garden was linked to the house geometry and dissected to created distinct entertainment and exercise areas

5. Family Gardens

The practical family elements including a bespoke concrete seating area, large storage box and access to the back gate were cleverly softened with naturalistic planting.

My E2 Terraced Family Garden transformed a sloping site into a usable family space

In my E17 Secluded Family Garden, bamboo and Miscanthus provided some much needed privacy

So whatever problems your existing spaces have, there are a number of potential solutions. Contact me today to arrange an initial consultation for your 2023 project.


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