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Pinch punch 1st of the month - gardening jobs for June

June is here and the warm and dry Spring means there's lots to do in the garden this month. Here's my top 5 jobs for this month.

1. Water but do it wisely

It's been the driest Spring ever, so if you've used up your water butt supplies already try to water the garden using watering cans rather than a hose to save water and water well every few days rather than a little bit every day.

2. Weed your beds

Now is the time that weeds can take hold so it's important to keep on top of them.

3. Mow lawns weekly

Keep your lawn in good health with a weekly mow.

4. Stake tall plants

Tall plants like Delphiniums and Hollyhocks will need staking to ensure that don't flop over. Use bamboo canes and twine or metal plant supports.

5. Prune Spring flowering shrubs

Flowering next year will be improved by thinning out the older stem of spring flowering shrubs including Weigela and Philadelphus

Happy Gardening!

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