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Sarah Kay Garden Design - 2022 in review

As the year draws to an end, it's always a good time to look back and reflect on my work during the year. 2022 has brought some varied and interesting projects which I would like to share with you.

  1. E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

This garden, which was built in January, was a really interesting project with lots of firsts for me as a designer. Poured concrete furniture, wildflower turf and even Corten steel bug hotels, which I designed myself. These elements, along with striking colourful geometric tiles, Corten steel detailing and pollinator focussed planting created a really interesting juxtaposition between the minimal, industrial hard landscaping, expertly executed by Nordland Landscapes .and the soft naturalistic planting. I was really pleased with the end result, as are my client's who love their new garden.

After - May 2022

After - June 2022


2. E11 Naturalistic Planting Design

My clients were looking to redesign the planting in their Wanstead garden, to provide privacy and all year round colour and interest. I suggested adding trellis to the overlooked left and back boundaries and to increase the size of the ground level flower beds to allow for a greater range of plants to be included. An irrigation system was also installed, as my clients spend half their time at their second home.

After - Nov 2022


After - Sep 2022

After - July 2022

3. N5 Secluded Family Garden

This was a complicated project as my clients were in the middle of house renovation, which meant difficult access and waste and material storage for my landscapers, Acacia Gardens. The brief was to create a low maintenance garden, suitable for my client's growing family, which includes two teenagers and a dog. Privacy was also an issue as the garden was heavily overlooked on two sides.

My design has created an elegant, secluded family garden, with a dedicated entertainment area and ample flexibility for additional seating, when required. Pleached trees provide privacy and a large storage shed ensure bikes and other tools can be smartly hidden away.

This photo was taken immediately after planting so I look forward to revisiting this garden once the planting has established and furniture and soft furnishings have been added.

After - Oct 2022


4. E5 Family Front Garden

Although this garden was actually designed in 2021, a new baby and landscaper schedules meant that the build didn't begin until October 2022. The aim was to create a practical front garden with lots of storage options for my clients, a growing family, but to maximise the amount of planting to make it still feel like a garden and provide a beatiful everchanging view both from the street and the house.

The photo below shows the garden as it is now, with bin and bike store, railings and gate and planting still to be installed. The second image is shows how the garden will look once completed. I look forward to sharing finished photos next Spring.

After - November 2022

3d Visualisation


Here's to some exciting new projects for 2023! Please contact me if you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your 2023 project.


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