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Why ask a Garden Designer to create your perfect garden?

Garden seating area with wildflowers, copper trellis and bench
E11 Industrial Style Family Garden. Photography by Ellie Walpole.

I'm often asked why use a garden designer to create your perfect garden. Well, there are many reasons but here's just three:

  1. A garden designer will take the time to talk about how you would like to use your garden in an ideal world, and consider the existing site and changes in the household over time to ensure that the garden is built for the long term.

  2. A garden designer will take design influences from the wider landscape, architecture, interior style and product and material knowlege to create a design individual to you and your garden.

  3. A garden designer will work with you through every stage of the project from the initial brief through to planting and can offer maintenance to ensure your garden is built to stay true to the design and flourishes over time.

As they say pictures speak louder than words so here's some before and after shots of some of my recent projects which help to demonstrate the above.

E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

Garden with lawn, shed trees and shrubs and path
Before - overgrown shrubs, large lawn and nowhere to sit

Garden with yellow dining table and bench and concrete bench
After - Wildlife friendly features, colourful planting and furniture and industrial style hard landscaping. Photography by Ellie Walpole

N16 Victorian Front Garden

Front garden in London with ivy hedge and concrete paving
Before - Overgrown hedge, concrete surface, no storage

Front garden with Victorian style path, edging, railing and London brick wall
After - Victorian style path, edging and railings. Brick wall which reflects architecture, bin store.PhotographybyEllieWalpole.

N12 Dog Friendly Garden

Back garden with fruit trees. lawn and raised beds
Before - Large lawn, badly position trees, no seating area

Large back garden with deck, lawn, shed and abundant planting
After - large dining deck, abundant planting, bespoke bench around mature tree

So if you like the look of these transformations I can help you to acheive your dream garden, Contact me today to arrange a consultation to discuss your project in more detail.

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Your Resin Driveway
Your Resin Driveway
Mar 27

Wow, these garden transformations are absolutely stunning! It's incredible to see how a skilled garden designer can completely revitalize outdoor spaces, turning them into havens of beauty and functionality.

I couldn't agree more with the reasons you've highlighted for why it's beneficial to work with a garden designer. From tailoring the design to suit your specific needs and lifestyle to drawing inspiration from various sources to create a truly unique space, it's clear that a professional touch makes all the difference.

The before and after shots speak volumes about the expertise and dedication put into each project. It's inspiring to see how overgrown, neglected spaces can be transformed into vibrant, inviting areas perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.

If anyone is…

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