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Winter gardens - How can a garden designer help you make the most of your garden all year round?

Winter is one of my favourite times in the garden. With the herbaceous perennials hibernating in the ground you really get to see the backbone of a garden. Architectural tree and shrub skeletons, vibrant Winter foliage and stem colour and frosted seed heads are just some of the delights of a Winter garden. A garden designer can really help you to make the most of your garden during the quiet season with expert plant choices and design.

Here's some examples of the delights of a Winter garden from my portfolio to highlight there is no shortage of colour, fragrance and structure.

Silver birch tree grasses brick wall and mirror and corten steel edging and screen
Betula jacquemontii and evergreen shrubs and grasses make up the back bone of my E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden

Beech hedging, grasses and ferns in a front garden
Vibrant Winter Fagus sylvatica hedging in my N12 Edwardian Front garden

Apple tree in a raised bed, climbing roses and evergreen shrubs
Winter really shows off the form of this mature Apple tree in my N12 Dog Friendly garden

Spiky plant with yellow flowers
Mahonia aquifolium - E2 Canalside planting

Berries and conifer
Berries and conifer - Bonsall Derbyshire

Dark green shiny leaf and yellowing Hydrangea leaf
Contrasting foliage of Fatsia japonica and Hydrangea petiolaris

Architectural forms of flowers
Fatsia japonica flowers - N16 Into the Woodland Garden

Bright pink Hellebore flower
Hellebore niger - E11 Naturalistic Planting Design

White and pink flower on a evergreen shrub
Viburnum tinus - N12 Dog Friendly Garden

Red stem and yellow daffodil bulbs
Narcissi bulbs and Cornus stems - E2 Canalside Planting

Nodding heads of white snowdrop flowers
Galantus (Snowdrops) - N16 Into the Woodland Garden

Frosted leaves
Frosted Pittosporum leaves - My E5 garden

Yellow flowers on Winter flowering jasmine
Jasiminium nudifolium - E10 Tall & Fragrant Planitng

Fragrant white flower on evergreen shrub
Fragrant Sarcococca confusa flowers - N16 Into the Woodland Garden

So if you're looking to inject some Winter (or any other season) interest into your garden, Contact me today to arrange a consultation.

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